QI EMF Protection – Is It Effective?

QI EMF Protection

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Electromagnetic fields, or EMF for short, can have damaging effects on the health of you and everyone in your household unless you do something about it. Luckily, QI EMF protection is a highly effective solution to shielding you and your family from harmful EMFs.

Why Would I Need QI EMF Protection?

In this modern world, it’s pretty much a fact that we are surrounded by EMF radiation. From simple things like power lines to more modern technology like 5G, electromagnetic radiation is constantly around us and penetrating our bodies.

Since there are also natural sources of EMF radiation, it is easy to assume that the health risks for constant exposure should be small. But, as the world advances, the more radiation we become exposed to. Unfortunately, this leads to more and more risks to our health.

That’s why QI EMF protection is becoming such a popular counter to the crisis.

There is no debate that high levels of EMF radiation, even for a short time, can have detrimental effects on the body. Luckily, many of us can avoid these areas easily.

But, what about low-level exposure for extended durations, like your whole life? Studies conclude that low-level EMF exposure doesn’t cause health detriments in the short term, but no studies examine the lifetime effects.

While EMFs may not harm you right now, we are going to continue to be exposed to more and more moving forward. The years of exposure can take their toll, meaning shielding yourself from the radiation with QI EMF protection is a sort of prophylactic.

Many negative health effects are possible from EMF exposure, including a higher risk for cancers. The majority of the effects that are common affect a person’s quality of life and can include mood swings, bad sleep, and depression. You can read more about the effects of EMF exposure here.

It’s easy to see that QI EMF protection is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy environment exists in your home, and on the go, if you use a portable device!

Do EMF protectors really work?

With all the potential health risks of lifelong exposure to constantly rising levels of EMF, one question comes to mind:

What can block EMF?

Some work very well and some are less effective overall. The effectiveness will come down to the materials used.

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but the better products for EMF shielding tend to cost a little more.

QI EMF protection products have been independently studied and proven to reduce and remove EMF radiation. That’s why they are considered by most as the best EMF protection for home and on-the-go settings!

What is a Qi shield?

So, it’s proven to be effective against EMFs. But, what is a QI shield anyways?

A QI EMF protection device is a simple product that depolarizes EMF radiation in a given area, reducing the effects that the radiation can have on your body.

They are not electronic and last about 8 years before needing to be recharged or replaced.

They are centrally placed to create a healthier environment, whether that be a whole house, one or two rooms, or just a personal bubble of EMF-free goodness!

Choosing the QI EMF protection device by the area you want to cover is the only differentiating choice.

How can you protect your home from EMF?

You probably spend the majority of your time at home. You sleep there and spend a lot of your downtime there as well. That means that is where you will encounter longer durations of EMF exposure. So, it’s logical to shield your household from EMFs as much as possible.

You might have a few questions like:
Does EMF go through walls?
How do I block cell phone radiation?
How do I block radio waves in my house?

Yes, EMFs go through walls, so radio waves from outside and cell phone radiation from inside will easily travel throughout your house if left unchecked.

To protect your house, you can choose a QI EMF protection product that covers more square footage, or one that is portable that you can keep on your person. The smaller units are more budget-friendly. They can also be taken with you wherever you go, to keep you safe everywhere.

It comes down to your budget and desired coverage, as all the devices essentially work the same in their area of coverage.

What is the best EMF protection?

The EMF protection products offered by Synergy Science have been studied and proven effective. The variety of products gives budget-friendly options and higher ticket products that cover huge areas.

If you are wanting to know how to protect your home from EMF, choosing a Synergy Science QI EMF protection device is your best bet!

QI EMF Protection Comparison
Comparison Between Synergy Science QI EMF Protection Devices

Here are the 4 available units:


The QI Me is the budget-friendly EMF protector that you can take anywhere. It works with a field of about 3-5 feet, so keeping it on your person or somewhere very close is ideal for maximal EMF shielding.

It isn’t going to give you full room coverage, but as long as you keep it on you at all times, you will stay protected.

If you are on a strict budget but still desire the best QI EMF protection possible, the QI Me is for you.

QI Shield

The QI Shield is the perfect option for those who want more coverage around them but still have a limited budget. The QI Shield can produce a protection field of up to 16×16 ft.

It’s perfect to cover a whole room in your house and keep your whole family secure while still being small enough to be portable for those on the go.

This unit has a longer life than the Me, and also offers a stronger field of protection, reflecting more EMFs than the Me can handle.

You simply can’t go wrong with the QI Shield unless you want more area of coverage.

QI Home

The QI Home is a drastic step up from the Me and Shield, creating a horizontal area of 50×50 ft of coverage, along with 16 ft above and below the unit. This allows it to protect the majority of homes, including two-story dwellings.

It will stay active for 8 years, and Synergy Science offers a free recharge at the end of 8 years to extend its life beyond what the more affordable units can offer.

This unit is for those looking to protect an entire house and do not require something easily portable.

QI Max

This monster is beyond most people’s budget and most people’s needs for that matter. It can cover up to 328×328 ft horizontally and up to 100 ft vertically. The QI Max can cover large office spaces, warehouses, and those of you out there lucky enough to have an enormous house.

It may be necessary for businesses or locations that suffer from excessive EMF radiation, but the other 99% of us won’t need to look into this unit any time soon.

Ready To Get Your QI EMF Protection?

Hopefully, this article gave you a good insight into the dangers of EMF radiation exposure moving into the future. Now you have some great options to purchase high quality, scientifically proven protection from the pros and Synergy Science.

Are you on a venture to reduce your EMF exposure? I know that EMF protection isn’t the first choice for those who are biohacking on a budget, so it’s important to know if it worth the investment! Let me know what products you use and what the benefits are of your actions with a comment!

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