My Story

My story isn’t about being a winner and rising through the ranks and becoming a success in business like you’d see all over online. Instead, my route on this journey has been diverted, delayed, and discouraging at times.

Luckily, I’ve grown as a person over the years and learned more about myself and who I am. So many people go through life not knowing who they are, and it leads to a lower quality of life. That’s why my journey is important to share.

It’s My Own Evolution.

Growing Up

I grew up in an agricultural family in rural Northern California. We farmed nuts, mostly Walnuts and Almonds. Not organic or sustainable, just traditional farming that didn’t draw me in.

Instead, I chose to focus on the opposite by working hard in school and planning to major in Computer Science while living a city lifestyle, far away from farming. I graduated high school and promptly moved to Reno, NV to attend college.

Switching Gears

I got through two years of Computer Science relatively easy, making the Dean’s List every semester. But, my desire to work with computers was quicky fading in favor of focusing on a fitness career.

I loved playing basketball growing up and that led to a fondness for fitness and training to be better. When basketball was over, I was left with more general training time, developing a love for helping people get in shape and achieve a great physique with good health as well.

I dropped out of college, got certified as a Personal Trainer and opened a fitness studio, MM Fitness, with my soon-to-be wife.

Joining The “Normal” Workforce

Roughly 5 years into our training business, the wife and I were expecting our first child. While training was awesome and rewarding, the income was too seasonal in our small, rural town. This led me to get a normal job to add more security to my income.

I became a security guard at the local casino, and then transfered to dealing blackjack and other table games. I excelled, like many other things I’ve done in life. However, after a couple years, I grew bored of the meaningless nature of the job.

Personal training was awesome, but i wasn’t going back. Dealing cards was easy and good pay, but it wasn’t rewarding at all. Just when I was thinking of another career switch, COVID-19 rocked the world.

My Own Evolution

Now, sitting laid off from a job I don’t even enjoy, ive had the time to focus on finding myself and what matters to me. That is what My Own Evolution is about. Growing through health, fitness, being eco friendly, becoming more self-sufficient, and practicing more minimalism in my life has brought me joy and purpose.

My goal is to share this with the world and spread the possibilities that could lead to your own evolution!