Heavenly Heat Saunas For High-Quality Infrared Light Therapy

Heavenly Heat Saunas

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Heavenly Heat Saunas offer high-quality infrared saunas that are but from high quality, non-toxic materials.

The entire environment created within Heavenly Heat Saunas provides a clean space to detoxify and reap the benefits of infrared light therapy.

But, do they have a unit that is right for you?

Heavenly Heat Saunas

The far infrared saunas offered by Heavenly Heat create a healthy sauna that operates around 90-130 degrees Fahrenheit. Even at these lower temperatures, the dry environment, and far-infrared light penetrate the body effectively to create more sweat than traditional saunas.

They offer a variety of sizes that all deliver the same benefits:

No use of varnish, glue, or treated woods that crate harmful fumes
Made in the U.S.A under strict quality control standards
Low EMF output from adjustable infrared heaters, making a comfortable and healthy experience for each individual using the sauna (Heavenly Heat saunas EMF rating is below 3 mG for the two-person units)
A lifetime warranty on heaters, electrical work, and construction
Safe removal of toxins that can include endocrine disruptors and carcinogens

The main difference between the Heavenly Heat Saunas is the sizing. Some people may only want a unit for a single person, while others want a larger unit to support a group of people at the same time.

Here are the available units:

Sitting in Heavenly Heat Saunas
You can definitely find the infrared sauna right for you from Heavenly Heat Saunas!

Heavenly Heat sauna FIR1

This unit is best for those who want a smaller unit that is more cost-effective while still providing the benefits of infrared saunas. It holds one person at a time, which is the one drawback of the unit if you and your family all plan on using it regularly.


The FIR2 is the basic sauna that holds two people at once. It offers all the benefits of the FIR1 but doesn’t have the luxuries of the FIR2DX edition. It doesn’t make it any less effective!


Offering an extra heater and stereo speakers, this is the most luxurious experience that Heavenly Heat Saunas has to offer. It’s more expensive than the FIR2 without delivering more space, though, so it’s not the best bet for those on a strict budget.


This is the 3 person unit that steps up power usage and floor space. Comfortably fitting 3 at a time makes this a good fit for small households that all want to enjoy the sauna experience at once.


This is the largest unit of all, allowing 4 people to fit at once. Or, if you just want more floor space for light exercise or Yoga, this could be the best fit for you. It is the most expensive and demanding in your power bill, so weigh the pros and cons before deciding if it’s right for you.

Heavenly Heat Sauna Cost

Here is a breakdown of the price of that infrared Heavenly Heat saunas:







Can you overheat in a sauna?

Yes, that’s the point. Mild overheating leads to the sweating response that we look for with a sauna. It’s important to not stay in too long and to stay hydrated to avoid major overheating.

What is the average heat in a sauna?

Saunas range anywhere from 120-220 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared units offer a lower temperature and are dry by nature, allowing for a good sweat at lower conditions. This makes for a healthier experience.

What is the healthiest sauna?

Infrared units, like those offered from Heavenly Heat Saunas, are the healthiest choice because they operate at lower temperatures than standard saunas while allowing the light to penetrate deeper in the body. This makes for a better sweat overall with less chance of burn.

Why do I feel worse after the infrared sauna?

The increase in body temperature improved blood flow, and the removal of toxins in the body may make you feel a bit sluggish from the sauna. Dehydration can also make you feel worse. Drinking plenty of water should help. Also, using cold therapy after a sauna may make you feel much better than using the sauna alone.

Does sauna burn fat?

No, it doesn’t inherently burn fat. However, it may help remove toxins and endocrine disruptors through your sweat. These substances may be detrimental for those trying to lose fat. As always, your diet determines whether or not you lose fat. A sauna will make you lose water weight, which is replenished by drinking fluids.

Can you drink water while in a sauna?

You can drink water before, during, or after your sauna session. The important thing is to stay adequately hydrated regardless of when you drink the water. Drink some before you step in, and during if you start to experience feelings is dehydration. Then, drink some more when you get out, perhaps with some electrolytes as well to replace what you sweat out.

Can I bring my phone in a sauna?

No. Instead, use this time to disconnect and try to meditate. Meditation is one of the most powerful biohacks when done properly. Stacking them to complete more than one at the same time is even better!

How long should you sit in a sauna?

15-20 minutes is a good time range to regularly use an infrared sauna from Heavenly Heat Saunas. This is a case of “more doesn’t mean better”. Get in, get healthier, and get out.

How hot should I set my sauna?

The temperature that you can handle for 15-20 minutes comfortably is the best. Never risk burns or dehydration from too much heat. The benefits of red light therapy will still be given at lower temperatures.

Which is better: a sauna or steam room?

If the only thing you are looking for is a good sweat, a sauna and steam room will provide the same benefits. A steam room is easier to stay hydrated.

But, an infrared sauna delivers red light therapy that a steam room typically doesn’t provide. That’s why a sauna, like those from Heavenly Heat Saunas, is a better overall choice for health and well being.

What are the disadvantages of a sauna?

Using a sauna properly provides very little risk to the user. Not spending too much time in the sauna and using it at the right temperatures while staying adequately hydrated will mitigate major risks.

The one disadvantage for heavenly heat saunas is the initial cost, although the investment is recouped in better health.

Should you shower after a sauna?

You don’t need to take a shower after a stint in the sauna. However, this could be a good time to utilize a cold shower or ice bath and reap the benefits of contrast therapy. Stacking biohacks is a great way to make your health journey more efficient.

Is sauna good for a cold?

An infrared sauna can boost the immune system and improve detoxification pathways in the body. This may lead to improved recovery from a cold or other sicknesses. However, sweating to the point of dehydration can extend a sickness, so it’s important to know the balance.

Ready to use one of the Heavenly Heat Saunas?

These units are incredible for providing all the benefits of far infrared therapy. They can be seen as a must-have for any biohacker out there that has the budget to afford one.

Do you have one of these, or are you planning on purchasing one? Let me know your experience below and tell us how this has helped you become healthier!

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