Eco-Friendly Tips That You Can Start Using Today

Eco-Friendly Tips

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by Milo Martinovich

We all know that being eco-friendly with our lifestyles is more important than ever. But, sometimes the change can be a huge expense and not practical for those of us that are cash strapped.

Luckily, you can make big changes starting today. Many big changes are low cost and may even turn into a money saver over time. Here is my ever-evolving list of eco-friendly tips that you can implement starting right now!

Eco-Friendly Tips For The House

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where we spend the majority of our free time, meaning it can be a great place to start for loving a more eco-friendly life!

For The Kitchen

#1 – Make the switch to zero waste kitchen products. First, use everything you have before you buy new things. When you go to repurchase, do research and find the best zero waste products to reduce the amount of waste your household produces.

#2 – Eliminate as much single-use plastic as possible from your foods and beverages. Choose package free options and/or reusable bags when shopping. Only buy foods and beverages in compostable packaging.

#3 – Grow as much of your food as possible to reduce emissions from food shipments. Garden/farm-to-table is very eco friendly.

#4 – Implement greywater systems for your kitchen sink, if applicable, and legal where you live.

#5 – Try out alternative cooking methods to reduce energy usage in the kitchen. For example, solar ovens are efficient and clean.

For The Bathroom

#1 – Again, go for zero waste products when you run out of a product.

#2 – Greywater systems can be a good fit for bathroom sinks, showers, and washing machines when combined with grey water-friendly products that can provide usable nutrients to your plants and crops instead of polluting the wastewater.

#3 – When showering, get your body wet, turn off the water to soap up your entire body and hair, and then rinse off. This greatly reduces water usage.

#4 – If composting toilets are legal in your area, consider installing one for liquid and/or solid wastes. This idea seems a bit crazy, but it is a great way to be responsible for your waste and turn it into something positive.

For The Closet

#1 – Move to a minimalist lifestyle for your clothing. Most of us have twice the amount of clothes that we even wear.

#2 – From now on, only buy clothing that features organic fibers, like hemp and cotton, that are also undyed or treated with eco-friendly dye. Synthetic materials produce microplastics that pollute our water supply and natural fibers that aren’t organic are typically sprayed with large amounts of pesticides and treated with harmful dyes.

For The Rest Of The House

#1 – Turn off the lights when you aren’t in the room.

#2 – Replace old lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED lights.

#3 – Install a water heater timer that turns it off during downtimes, like overnight.

#4 – Install energy-efficient curtains and blinds to reduce cooling and heating needs.

#5 – Paint your house with energy-saving paint and coat your roof with an energy-saving roof coating.

Eco-Conscious Tips To Use Outside

Eco-Friendly Tips Outside
Many eco-friendly tips can be hard on the budget. But, you can do a lot with minimal investment in other ways!

#1 – Don’t overwater your lawns and gardens. Only water then with what they need and shut the irrigation off.

#2 – Install rainwater collection systems if legal in your area.

#3 – Switch out plants that require large amounts of water with succulents that can thrive in your climate.

#4 – Compost everything you can to improve your garden soil, reduce the need for external inputs of soil and fertilizer, and reduce the waste your household produces.

Eco-Friendly Tips Away From Home

You aren’t home all the time, so you have to be eco friendly on the go as well! Here are some great eco-friendly tips utilize when away from home.

For Transportation

#1 – Most of us leave the house and go a couple of miles. Most of us could also use more cardiovascular exercise. Kill two birds with one stone and ride your bike or walk to run your errands.

#2 – Drive sensibly to improve fuel efficiency. Revving up your engine and speeding away barely saves time at all and impresses nobody!

#3 – Carpool whenever you can. You can more often than not.

#4 – Use public transportation when available, especially if your local programs utilize clean vehicles.

For Your Career

#1 – Bring food with you in reusable containers to reduce take out waste.

#2 – Use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic or paper cups provided at your job.

#3 – Share your tips and new lifestyle changes with your coworkers. Not only can you live a more eco-friendly life, but you can also help others make changes as well.

For Dining Out

#1 – Refuse single-use packaging whenever possible. Bring reusable containers for leftovers and refuse plastic cutlery.

#2 – Support more restaurants that aim to be eco friendly and stop going to those that don’t care.

For Vacation

#1 – Follow the same tips you use for your household and on the go any time you go on vacation. bring your zero waste products to avoid single-use products that hotels provide.

#2 – Clean up trash when you visit tourist attractions. Nowhere is trash free right now and doing your part in tourist attractions is one way to offset your travel footprint.

For The Grocery Store

#1 – Use reusable grocery and produce bags. Refuse plastic bags and use paper bags as a last resort.

#2 – Buy bulk products and store in reusable containers instead of pre-packaged products riddled with plastics.

#3 – Buy locally when possible to reduce the total emissions produced to get the food to you. Farmers’ markets make a better choice than huge chains.

#4 – Shop less frequently and buy more to reduce trips to stores reducing your emissions output over time.

Eco-Friendly Tips For Holidays

Anybody who has thrown a party for a holiday knows that it can easily produce enough trash to fill a trash can without proper planning. Here are a few easy tips to use for your next holiday get together.

For Holiday Parties

#1 – Opt for biodegradable cups, plates, and cutlery instead of plastic.

#2 – Implement a potluck instead of buying pre-made packaged foods.

For Halloween

#1 – Buy eco-friendly candies for trick or treating. Encourage your neighborhood to do the same.

#2 – Make costumes with eco-friendly products instead of the low-quality products typically found for Halloween costumes.

#3 – Grow an organic Pumpkin plant or two for your own Jack O Lanterns.

For Easter

#1 – Just like Halloween, only choose candies that are eco friendly with packaging.

#2 – Don’t use those plastic eggs that produce tons of trash every year. Invest in some eco-friendly eggs instead.

For Christmas

#1 – Don’t purchase gifts unless they are eco friendly, including clothing, toys, and foods.

#2 – Make your decoration eco friendly with fewer lights, more natural materials, and less plastic.

#3 – Use comparable gift wrapping. Traditional gift wrapping isn’t even recyclable.

For Birthdays

#1 – Say no to balloons and opt for more eco-friendly decorations.

#2 – Reuse streamers and banners whenever possible, do just throw them away.

Have Any More Tips To Share?

Don’t be stingy! We could all use more knowledge on how to be as eco friendly as possible with simple tips and tricks. Tell us a useful hack in the comments below!

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