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Aesthetic Body

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If you are someone who cares about their physique more than anything else, like strength or endurance, then training for an aesthetic body is the way to go. This isn’t to say that you can’t get stronger or build endurance at the same time. It’s just the number one priority that drives the programming for each individual. With each different goal, you are going to be training a little differently. So, if you are interested in the perfect physique, this article is for you!

What Is An Aesthetic Body?

Proportional, symmetrical, not too big, not too lean – that is basically what an aesthetic body will look like. It can be defined as what you would believe the perfect human physique would look like. With fitness being the large trend it currently is, people are constantly wanting to know the secrets of how to get an aesthetic body. It can be a little different than traditional bodybuilding – which is basically getting a much muscle mass as possible and then cutting to unnatural levels of body fat. Aesthetic training is a bit different.

How To Get An Aesthetic Body

It comes down to a few things:

Knowing Your Exact Physique Goal(s)
Basic, Fundamental Training
Specialized Training
On Point Nutrition
Maintenance Of Newly Earned Physique

Knowing Your Exact Physique Goal(s)

So, you are learning how to get an aesthetic body but don’t know how to get started. This is your starting point and for good reason. If you don’t know your end goal, you are going to end up building a body that you might not be happy with after months, or years, or hard work. See, you have to have the right goal in mind before you start to build your body. Otherwise, you might train the wrong way and end up unaesthetic.

First of all, an aesthetic physique won’t be the same for everybody. Some men may think the top bodybuilders in the world today are aesthetic, while others may only want to look great at 190 lbs. Some women may want to look like a figure competitor, while others lean more towards the bikini competitor body type. Aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder!

Finding Motivation

A great thing to do is to search for people around the same height with a body that you would enjoy having. Keep in mind, you will probably never end up looking the same, so don’t always compare your body to others. It can be a let down for most people. What you are trying to do here is just find some motivation. Find some people who are the size you like with a body fat level that you think is the perfection of aesthetics. Typically, men will be around 7-11% body fat, while women can range from below 15% to 20%.

Once you have found people that resemble your goal body, you need to know their measurements. Some people in the fitness industry share their stats, some don’t. Finding the stats to study will be hit or miss. However, once you get a few people lined up and get their stats, you will find that they have a lot in common. You might find 5 guys between 5″10″ and 6’2″ that weight between 195 to 215 around 9% body fat. Your goal would be easy to get if you average that out. You’d be shooting for your best body around 205 lbs., 9% body fat. From there, you just need to look at these people’s pictures and find out why you like the look. Big arms, big lats with a classic V-taper, big legs, etc.

Basic, Fundamental Training

Fundamental training will be a long period. You will train your whole body for growth if you are too small for your goal aesthetic. I’ll assume that most of you aren’t going to have more muscle than you want (most people will never say they have too much muscle). Learning how to get an aesthetic body isn’t just about specialized training and working on lagging muscle groups all the time. You have to build your strong base first. Heavy compound lifts at the beginning of workouts, followed by higher rep volume work is, in my opinion, the best way to approach your goal body. This is the basic layout of our optimal training philosophy.

You are going to stick with basic training until you feel that certain body parts are the size that you want them to be. Chances are, you will have some muscle groups that are lagging and need some extra help. That is when specialized training comes into the picture.

Specialized Training

Specialized training is the secret of how to get an aesthetic body. You don’t just train to grow every part of your body and magically get to the proportions you want. Once some muscle groups hit your desired level of size, you are going to transfer those groups to a maintenance program. This means much less volume per week. The only thing you want to do here is to maintain the size. While those muscles are maintaining, you are working on growing your weak points.

Your lagging muscle groups are going to get more attention and more training volume. If your maintenance muscle groups are hit once a week for 6 or so sets total (yes, the volume can be that low and muscle can easily be maintained), then your lagging muscle groups should be hit at least twice a week for around 12 total sets in the week. You continue on this pattern until muscle groups catch up and hit your desired level of size. Rinse and repeat!

On Point Nutrition

Throughout this whole process, having your nutrition locked in is critical. You will not see what muscles are lagging and which are flourishing if you are carrying too much body fat. Being aesthetic means that you need to look good year-round. Having an aesthetic physique for two months out of the year is kind of pointless if you ask me. If you are a competitor, you need your bulk and cut cycles. However, if you are a recreational fitness enthusiast, which MANY people are, having year-round aesthetics is a great goal to go for.

You need to stay lean enough to see your physique clearly and know what needs work. That means bulks are lean with a slight caloric surplus. When you get a little too heavy and muscle definition starts to soften a bit too much, it’s time for a mini cut. For example – if you are wanting to be 8-9% body fat with your final product, I wouldn’t recommend going over 12-13% body fat while improving your physique.

Just keep your calories in check and monitor your progress consistently. No need to go on a keto diet or anything like that if you don’t want to. You can build a great physique with basically any diet, as long as you get sufficient protein and hit your calorie goal daily.

Maintenance Of Newly Earned Physique

So you made it to the point where you no longer need to worry about how to get an aesthetic body. Now, you are wondering how to keep your hard-earned physique. No worries! Maintaining a body is SO MUCH easier than building it.

Eating maintenance calories and going back to basic fundamental training will keep you well maintained. If you see yourself gaining a little fat, do a little cut to get back to your goal. If you are losing muscle, eat a little more calories and up the protein. When your body starts to shift back to an unaesthetic look, specialize your training again for a bit. Staying with a consistent conditioning program is a great way to minimize any negative body recomposition while maintaining.

Aesthetic Bodybuilding

Aesthetic bodybuilding in it’s truest form is no different than training to get an aesthetic physique. Beyond the stage routines, bodybuilding is just building muscle and losing fat to build aesthetics.

aesthetic body diet
Follow an aesthetic body diet for maximal results.

Aesthetic Body Diet

If you are looking for a diet that has proven effective to build an aesthetic body, try out popular dietary programs online, like Renaissance Periodization.

Aesthetic Body VS Athletic Body

These two can look the same if you prefer the athletic body type. However, most athletic body types tend to be wide in the core area, due to the need for an extra-strong core as an athlete. This will take away from the V taper look that most people seeking an aesthetic body want. To counteract this, less core training is typically utilized for aesthetics than in athletics.

Aesthetic Body Fat Percentage

Most men are looking for visible abs, which start to show up around 12% body fat, or lower. Most women want a toned look with muscle definition in the right spots. Being too ripped isn’t usually a goal for females, and it’s unhealthier for women to be that lean, compared to men. The typical aesthetic body fat percentage for women is somewhere around 16-20%.

How To Build An Aesthetic Body At Home

There isn’t anything that can hold you back from building an aesthetic physique at home. You can build muscle at home, do HIIT cardio at home, and even perform effective Micro Workouts for extra volume throughout the day. Don’t think that you need tons of weights and machines available to build a great physique!

Aesthetic Home Workout



Aesthetic Physique
You can earn an aesthetic physique, just like anybody else!

Who has the best aesthetic body?

Since aesthetics are a matter of opinion, this question doesn’t make sense. Most people will have a different opinion. One thing that most people will agree with though is that an aesthetic physique will have a good amount of muscle and a small amount of body fat. That’s why I created this guide! You can create your best aesthetic body too.

How do you develop an aesthetic physique?

I answered this in this guide but it boils down to these:

Foundational training will build your base and necessary muscle.

Specialized training will overdevelop weak areas of your physique to accentuate your physique.

Your nutrition has to cyclically fit your final goal. Periods of losing fat and periods of gaining muscle will be required, meaning the scale will be up and down to the finish line.

What are aesthetic exercises?

Building your physique from day one involves all basic, compound exercises. Once you need to specialize your training to adjust to the look of your aesthetic body, more isolation work will come into play.

What do aesthetic bodybuilders eat?

All foods are in play when calorie and protein intake are equated. Being aesthetic doesn’t automatically mean you are healthy. Obviously, to do both at the same time you want to eat healthy foods with the right calorie and protein amounts.

How can I get ripped?

A calorie deficit is required to lose fat and a calorie surplus is required to gain significant muscle. So, you probably want to bulk first to build the muscle needed to look ripped, then cut fat to reveal your hard work.

How do you lift for aesthetics?

Your foundational training will be similar to any other physique or strength training program. Once you reach your desired level of muscularity, you need to cut down to your desired body fat and find your weak points. Those areas require special focus to induce more Hypertrophy without gaining muscle all over.

How do I get a good physique without going to the gym?

You can do this easily at home with a well-developed home workout program. Aesthetics don’t equate to amazing strength automatically. That means Calisthenics may take you close to your final product!

How do I get a nice physique?

Hard work and time. Follow my advice in this guide.

Are big legs aesthetic?

I don’t know, what do you think? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

How can a man get a perfect body shape at home?

Solid foundational training until you develop good overall musculature. Then specialized training for the icing on the cake.

What’s the meaning of aesthetics?

Aesthetic means a physique that is pleasing to the eye. If you love how you look, you are going to feel great in general. Every single person can develop an aesthetic body!

The Next Step With Your Aesthetic Body

Chances are, once you get to your goal body, you will be hungry to achieve more. Maybe this is the time to start working on your powerlifting skills while maintaining the physique. Or, maybe you want to build a bigger version of yourself with the same proportions and symmetry. Maybe you want to up your endurance and work on calisthenics. It is up to you how you shift your focus after building your great body!

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